10 Factors That Qualify You To Be Hard Core Fan Of Salman Khan


Are you a hardcore Salman Khan fan? If yes, how can you prove that? If you have done at least 3 of these things you are an ordinary Salman fan. If you have done at least 7 of these things than you are a staunch Sallu Bhai fan. But if you have done all the things listed below, than you are a die heart fan of  Salman Khan :

1. You have at least one Being Human T-shirt.

2. At least once in your life, you have flaunted middle partitioned hairstyle like Radhe Mohan from Tere Naam.

3. You always put your glares at the back of your collar like Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg.

4. There is cent percent possibility that you have watched at least one Salman Khan film at a single screen movie theatre.

5. You have dedicated your entire life to get those six-pack abs just like Bhai

6. If you don’t have the silver bracelet with the sky blue stone, we doubt your commitment to Salman Khan!

7. You have made the decision that you will name at least one of your children ‘Prem’ (irrespective of the gender!)

8. There is no way that you haven’t danced bare-chested to the tunes of “O o Jane Jana.”

9. And just like us, you just cannot wait for Eid to arrive, because Eid mostly marks the release of a new Bhai movie!

10. But, if you are a REAL Salman Khan fan, you will share or like this post

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